Why learn and grow with me?

My greatest gift in life has been the chance to experience it in totality. Through my experiences and those of the people I have come into contact with in this journey have always been a source of learning for me. These help me walk through the next phase not the best way possible but at least better than I would have were it not for the lessons learnt in the process.

So recently I made a conscious decision to live life the best way I can. It was fueled by timely nudges by a trusted and loved friend. This made me realize that over time I have always had varied perspectives on life matters, some not fitting into the acceptable norm of our society but either way valid as per the circumstances under which we operate.

On reflection, I recollected memories from back into my childhood, current engagements with colleagues, acquaintances, friends, employers, mentors and family then realized there’s so much learning going on and unless I took it upon myself to document some the person next door may never have an insight on how to jump the train from “living in their head” where most of us have been.

Finally, I read a book by Gabrielle Union and started another by Simon Sinek in the last week which became a wake up call that I either do something or wade through life to the inevitable end. You can guess the choice I made which isn’t far from the truth for I fear I may not be able to share everything. However, I promise to do my very best to be here for you and your loved ones.

Ps. I am kind of a nerd on certain spaces so when I come out too official and serious just let it be. It’s the way I learnt to be serious about the lighthearted matters because they matter just enough to be treated with some level of seriousness. 

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