TV Series Correlation: The Double Life

“When immortality dies, the immortal regenerate. It’s the ultimate phase into living.” 

We are human and being human means we are complex, diverse, transforming and reforming from time to time. In our complexity is the version we bring out to the world and the version we wish would die but it’s the form in which we have the best of our moments in this world. I am fascinated by life in all it’s forms. Through this journey we realize that everyone has a version of themselves that comes to the public domain and it’s what the world identifies with but in reality it’s a construct for convenience.

I haven’t been a fun of TV series for a while except for having binge watched one of my previous favorite, The Originals. In the current moment, I decided to get something to help me turn off my workaholic nature, Power came to be my landing. I can say it’s serving it’s purpose and I’m enjoying the ride so far. With that said, I have been keen on Omari Hardwick, starring as James “Ghost” St. Patrick. He is an exact manifestation of who we are, multifaceted with intentions to be good people but the bestial instincts never go away.

In retrospect I had reflection about a piece I wrote back in the days based on the circumstances we live under. There are parts of us we never wish to see the light of day and for this reason we never get to share them with those we hold dear to us out of fear of losing them or making them have a different view of who we really are. When we disclose these we would rather bury these relationships with the very memories or ideas of the beasts we are inside. The conflict in this is that we really are in our best moments when we are wild, crazy and carefree which is the side the society frowns upon or rather tries to act like doesn’t exist. We live for the convenience of the image we bring out to the public domain but in reality it’s not who we really are and we are broken in multiple pieces as we can’t manifest our true identity freely. We come out as impostors which we really aren’t but have had to be to fit in.

A psycho-analytic depiction of this is the Madonna-Whore Dichotomy as earlier identified by Sigmund Freud in the 1900’s. To those we care about we would rather come out as chaste and pure as we are concerned about how we are perceived by them.

I think and feel there’s a point beyond which as a society we need to be open to the fact that we are humans. Being humans we should accept the wide spectrum across which we operate and manifest. It’s by being ourselves that we experience life in it’s entirety and that’s what really matters.

“Attaining a level of self awareness and control over our lives that we are unscathed by what the society perceives as idealistic is the greatest form of freedom. It’s what makes us thrive and manifest in totality. We should all strive for this.”

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