The Future Looks Good: Affirmations

Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. There are no chance encounters. Let’s make the best of the moments when we can.

It’s been over a year since we met in one of our annual professional development activities ( a conference to be specific). In a foreign land you relish the moments, make memories and in the end wait to get home. That’s always the order. Too bad this year with COVID-19 we couldn’t get to travel.

I am the kind of person who takes advantage of every moment and live for the thrill of it not knowing what lies ahead except for the impact of the task at hand, connections made and fun had. Last week on Friday, we had our usual weekly Ryculture Operational Research Taskforce meetings that serve as brainstorming and personal development sessions as well. Every week we have a topic of discussion. This time the focus was on how an individual’s morning routine influences their day and the value of having a morning routine.

Through our discussions it was evident that an activity one does in the morning can influence their mood through the day. This is regardless of whether it’s a routine or not. Additionally, it was evident that our perspective on life determines how we face circumstances that we encounter and this means that with or without a morning routine, we may lose our calm along the day. This is realization took me back a year when I met this friend who is akin to a brother, Bruce Desmond.

As outlook on life is, we have the power to control how we perceive the next moment, next day, month etc. Every morning when I get up there’s always a WhatsApp status that reads: “It’s a good day.” With such a bold profession, there is an inclination to see the positive and the day as a good one. That’s some level of mastery and control on how we go through our days. As consistent as he has been, the positivity has been rubbing on a number of my other friends we met with and when we set off for the day it’s already a good day.

The future looks good because we can walk into it already feeling and relishing the positive vibes it has to offer. Have the best of days ahead as you gain control over your perspective on life.

“Mastery of your outlook and perspective on life is key. It’s only you who can control how you feel and respond to circumstances around you. Make it a conscious decision as much as you can.”

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