What are you running away from?

“Life is unchartered and that’s what gives it flavor. Relish the moments, face your fears and thrive in the uncertainty.”

It’s amazing how we live life on the fast lane or rather try to. I don’t know if this make sense but I hope it does. We live at a time that everyone strives to do something, to get meaning in their lives and to realize the coveted price, “success”. I am not sure what it really means to be successful but that’s for another day.

Following COVID-19 outbreak there has been a level of uncertainty in the world from one end to the other and as this happens, we have tried to respond the best way we can at every level of the society. The priority of governments was to institute containment measures which meant lock downs, closure of learning institutions among others. Whether right or wrong is not mine to judge but they all happened and we had to come to terms with that. The reason as to why I am writing this is because I got to have a chat with a security guard (Bernard) in the course of my business today. Being COVID-19 times we have to exchange “Corona pleasantries” which turned into a discussion. The impact and cost has been significant as we can all acknowledge and being we recently heard our CS for Education, Prof. Magoha talk about probability of opening schools we wouldn’t fail to mention it.

In retrospect when there was apprehension, anxiety and fear on COVID-19 school closures came in and now we have had push from almost every angle to open up schools. In our context you wonder why we push so much for a future we don’t even have certainty about yet fail to live in the moment. Students, parents and teachers are pushing for schools to be opened which may be justified but in the moment that’s the point of their focus not acknowledging the beauty of now. Why would we put pressure on ourselves aspiring for a future we are not assured of?

Additionally, from the current dispensation we are well aware that our systemic shortfalls have held us hostage to a point that we have more unemployed graduates than the employed. What’s the rush about then? To get through a system designed to restrain you and curtail your ability to live a life you desire and wish for because it’s subscribed for you? Such a sad state of affairs.

This applies to different facets of our lives. We keep hoping for and working for the best life in the future yet not living in the moment. Our relationships are strained because we are hoping for something or someone better to change our circumstances. In other circumstances we are running from our past memories, experiences and perceptions based on what we hear around in our circles. In other terms we are running from our own selves when that’s all we’ve got to enjoy the moment with.

We all wish for and want to live a good life but are afraid to live it in the moment hoping for a future time that it’ll happen. What if your tomorrow never comes?

“Strive to be mindful, present and live a life you enjoy when you have it.”

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