“You keep your dance company. Your dance keeps you company. Your dance keeps other people company. You keep their dance company. Then we are companions.”

Companionship is the word. We all long for company but do we really know what it means to be kept company. Do you ever dance to the tune of your soul that you feel much attuned to what you feel? I am not a master or rather guru in matters of the heart but as every human I have my fair share of expeditions, encounters and I can say they’ve been eye opening, fulfilling and most of all worthwhile. Unfortunately, that’s not the gist of this article today. It’s a twist but either way what comes next is as important as getting to know how my experiences have been.

Companionship has connotation of company and from the literal sense of company it is the condition of being with another or others. It may be in the physical or virtual sense in this era of COVID-19 that has to be acknowledged. This week I had a chat with a friend who talked about how his life was disrupted with the current pandemic and all the people he held onto were not with him where he was and that was challenging for him. Luckily enough technology came to connect us with the people we love and care about. He resorted to leverage on the power of technology to keep in touch with those he cared about. In probing further, he told me it’s his daughter who have been keeping him company over the period through the calls.

“Whenever she calls, it’s an entirely new experience, her life and mine are intertwined. Every moment we talk I feel like she understands my circumstances, relates with it and most importantly shares her experiences that make me feel like I am living them with her. Her trust and love for me makes me love myself more knowing that I am her hero. It’s the motivation that gets me through some of the not so good days.”

As an inquisitive person it’s just fair to ask further about the daughter. Well, nobody wouldn’t want to have such a daughter in their lives. The daughter is merely 10 years and the impact she’s making in the dad’s life is worth noting.

So I got back to think about my circumstances and realized I have an almost similar narrative but in this case with my niece who is barely turning 8 years in a 4-days time. It’s amazing how being present and in the moment can make a difference in the lives of others. Companionship at its best is about being there, feeling the emotions, living them and most importantly empathizing when you need to. (Sympathy doesn’t come in here please.)

We are all human beings with hopes of loving and being loved by others, of getting companions etc. Before we go into being other peoples companions, are we our own companions? How does that work for us? In seeking others into our lives, do we put ourselves in a situation that we meet them at their point of need?

In conclusion, from these experiences and reflections it all settles down on being our own company and being the best to those we interact with. For that 5-minute banter with the co-passenger on the “Matatu” are you really part of the conversation or waiting for it to end? Make the person you interact with feel special, feel important and cared for. When you do that, chances are the feel good hormones play their game and the ripple effect is transferred to the next person. We all win. Be present, lighten the mood and make someone feel significant even if for a split-second for that’s all you have to do.

They say people remember how you made them feel other than what you did. For great companionship, make them feel special, loved and cared for. Let the good vibes go viral this weekend.

“Some human beings are safe havens. Be companions with them.” – Rumi

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