Start Small… Think Big… Enjoy the Journey

“The grand performance, the spectacular achievement and awe is just an illusion unless you act on the dream. Start with what you have aiming for the ultimate goal as you live along the journey.”

Aspirations especially the insurmountable ones are exciting to have. Ever had an idea in your head, you draw the plan virtually in your mind, see the dream materialize and how life turns out in your success? If you have, you’d bear me witness that it’s exhilarating in itself except for the fact that it’s a abstract vision. It’s like those fantasy princess movies I see my nieces watch which are amazing but reality doesn’t come like that. For them I can at least treat them like the princesses they are to me, but that’s as far as I can go.

It started with a reflection with a friend last week when we went out to eat fish at one of the best fish joints in Juja. Chilled, free of chaos and great for downtime, Comfort Place it is. Being a man and a colleague we had lots of things to talk about. From ladies to getting rich especially in this rather shady environment where there is more apprehension than hope for the young man. Through the stories I could realize that most of our aspirations were aligned but in terms of scale we wished for two (2) decade worth of wealth within a year out of school. Most of us have the same challenge especially the men, at least for that I am certain.

It’s good to want to be wealthy enough to afford all the nice things in life and as you aspire to get there, acknowledge that it takes time. Most of the wealthy people we see around have been in the space longer than some of us have lived and it’s been a process. It won’t happen overnight and we have to accept that fact. The question is whether we’ll work through to get to that point or we’ll give up along the way. It’s important to do something in the current moment and build on it over time. Ultimately, you’ll get to achieve your dream and in case you don’t then you’ll have built something for others to add onto.

Steve Jobs was and still is one of the greatest the world have ever had. His vision for Apple. still lives long after he’s gone because he started the foundation. It all starts from somewhere and you can be the initiator. I am a fun of David Rubenstein shows on Bloomberg Tv and I would encourage more people to watch them. There is a level of enlightenment that comes from listening to some of the super successful people. They never knew they’d get to the level of success they have achieved even though they hoped for it and worked to make it happen. From Reed Hastings, David Rubenstein himself, Stephen Ross, Bill Gates among others, there was no magic formula except for starting where they were and walking the journey as they held on to that dream of a better future for what they did.

It’s imperative to start something when you have the chance and that’s now. Just to clarify, when I say start something I don’t mean venture into implementing that idea from a point of stupidity. You’ve got to start by planning it out, building your competencies/skills because you need those skills in order to implement and succeed. I look at all the successful people and beyond the idea, they had a skill to carry them on to the next stage in terms of starting off the work. Invest in yourself for you are the greatest resource you have in your pursuit to accomplishing those breathtaking dreams.

That said, tomorrow 25th September 2020, we mark a special day for me. It’ll be World Pharmacists Day and as you can already assume, pharmacists are your medicines experts. On this day we’ll be keen to highlight the extra services we offer from advising you on use of contraceptives, counselling you on how to take your medicines when you are unwell, contributing to medical research, advising against irrational use of antibiotics among others which never come to mind because you see a pharmacist and you see medicines. Someone on a white lab coat behind the counter. It’s not all we do and you know it.

On this occasion, I have a friend who is keen on ensuring that whenever you are to use any medicines he can help you review and optimize your treatment to help you get better. This is important because medicines have special factors in use therefore ensuring you can get the best outcomes without any side effects and in case you do they are managed better. Being a medicines expert (Pharmacist) he has gone the extra mile to polish his skills and recently launched a platform that guarantees you receive the best care from the comfort of your phone. Tiba Mkononi is here to make it easier for you to get care from wherever you are provided you have access to internet. Check the platform here . The goal is to keep you healthy, the start is to ensure the medicines you use are safe for you, taken in the right way and monitoring done on your journey to health.

“Find fulfillment in the journey, see potential in yourself and start to make it come to reality because you can.”

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