Let Your Word Be Your Bond

“Life is about decisions and choices we make. The weight of which lies in our ability to commit to them.”


In everyday life we are accustomed to making choices and decisions in the course of errands. Some of these are to ourselves while others are to people we interact with. These people at times are those we care about deeply and going back on our commitment to them may mean failure on our part. For others we at times make a promise just to get by even when we don’t mean them.


I’m not fond of liars and cheats. This is because by lying they also develop some thick skin to the extent of believing their lie. What do you make of a person who can lie to themselves and get convinced? I believe we should only commit to something when we really mean it, otherwise it’s safe not to. On the same note when telling a lie feels the easier option, remember staying silent doesn’t need any energy even to move a lip.


In the last week when I was home, there was an ongoing project that needed being attended to and in so being there I was responsible for the coordination. At the end of the job as is the norm, payments are made to those who have rendered their services. On this account, I gave to Caesar what was his. As a follow up the crew happened to not expect to be paid the whole amount with no haggles/questions asked and that marked the end of it. The lead contractor in response to his people reflected on an earlier engagement we had had with him where we held our end of the bargain as a family and this secured his relation with us. To that end he assured us of being there to render his services when needed for we stood by our word. This was an eye opener in the sense that in the previous engagement, my parents took the lead on my behalf and being I had trusted their decision, I didn’t ask any questions.


In retrospect, I’ve witnessed and observed individuals argue over being cheated, lied to or betrayed by others. It’s a deal breaker in these cases for one not to hold their end of the bargain. It breaks trust and once done, it’s never easy to salvage if at all. Why do we lie? Because we can’t tell the truth or rather because the truth doesn’t work in our favor under the prevailing circumstances. That’s the genesis of lies. If at all we all acted with nobility, ready to stand by the abstract truth and when we aren’t able to, we’d rather keep quiet than peddle a lie, it would save the world a great deal of hurt.


“Don’t make no promises you can’t keep for by the word of your mouth you’ll be justified or condemned.”

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