You’ll One Day Connect the Dots

“Life happens in serendipity but in the end we all have a story to tell. Let’s hope we all get to the end.”

In one way or the other we’ve all been stuck in life not knowing what to do. By chance or sheer luck, we got our way around it and felt great about it. You know how magnificent that is? Just the way you felt when you had that breakthrough. Well, I know we are all focused of the Presidential Election in the USA with angst awaiting declaration of the President of the “Free World.” I’m not sure about how things will turn out and I’m no gambler to put a bet on any of the candidate. In the end, the best will carry the day and life will move on. Another four years, and there will be another election. All we hope for is the one who wins to do the best in service of the people and in guiding the world. However, this is far from the point as to why I am writing this piece.

Today I had a moment to reflect on my current situation and in some way I realized that there are instances that I wanted to let go of certain engagements not knowing they would shape the person I am and what I do where I am. That’s all by chance and this is what we term serendipity. Setting off, we never know what the outcome will be or how magnificent the result will be. All we do is hope and keep on with the work. In the end we have something to celebrate i.e. wins or lessons learnt. That’s the magnificence of life.

On the same note, my mind wandered to the current polarization that we are witnessing in the world where we are either on one side or the other. In hindsight, the current stalemate, angst and frustration that the whole world is experiencing is a culmination of minor iterations in our ideals one point at a time. At the moment, they never seemed as instrumental but accorded us the benefit of gaining our reward at that point which means we wouldn’t care more than to make that win. Unfortunately, some of these minor decisions have driven us so far as to experience tensions all over the world even at the helm of a superpower the world look upon for guidance and direction. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are free of blame but at the same time, they both have a responsibility to set things right failure to which we are all losing it. In the moment, all they have to do is hope for the better future the world so desires and work towards. If all goes well, history will have been rewritten, otherwise we’ll have another moment to rethink when the time comes.

At a personal level, I just finished watching a video clip and realized that often times we want to predict the future with absolute certainty to a point that there’s no room for error. Unfortunately, this never happens and for that matter the best we can is find a way to give up control. That’s where institutionalization sets in. You are born in a family you have to align by the ideals and expect to get permission or validation for whatever you intend to or do. Later in life, we get employed and transfer the responsibility to our employer with an audacity to point fingers without much of responsibility at all. Oh! And as the cycle goes, we get miserable or frustrated in one way or the other hoping we could gain this control and just be. For some this happens while for others it’s just a dream that never comes to be.

On this day, it’s my wish and hope that you get to let go of the restraints and just experience life. Live it the best way you know how and in the end what you look back, you’ll have a story and a roadmap for how you lived. Don’t fail to live hoping to tell a perfect but unwritten story. It just doesn’t happen. Let’s make the markings, create the dots so that in the end we have dots to connect and a story to tell. And then, we’ll have lived.

“Our lives are a culmination of experiences and so to experience life we shall. LIVE.”

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