Liquor Buddies

“Liquor gets your vocabulary pumped, strength boosted and most often your senses off the window. Get friends to hold you together, liquor buddies ain’t them.”

It’s Friday and it’s coming around just fine. I’d say slow especially with the new curfew rules that were reinstituted which cut down on party hours late in the evenings. Not the best of moments but well, we make do of what we’ve got. I’m sure we have those who take it upon themselves to get a drink or two at the comfort of their homes which isn’t such a bad idea except for the risk of exposing children to alcohol in these homes. This wouldn’t be such an ideal. Oh! And I’m meant to believe alcohol drinking is a social activity thus not binge drinking even though we have some who go the extra mile to test their livers.

Liquor buddies. We may or may not have them. We know or may not know them. Important thing is that they exist. Who are they? Liquor buddies are those friends the common thread of connection you have is a bottle of liquor. Without liquor probably you wouldn’t have much of a conversation leave alone a friendship but most often we call them friends because they look like one, act like one but unfortunately, rarely help you think straight. That’s where you realize you are without friends.

During the first wave of COVID-19 in the country, Kenya, there was a brief period of lockdown with all liquor dens, bars and clubs closed. This meant that it wasn’t going to be easy to have liquor buddies brood around as much. I’m almost certain a couple of friendships died a natural death over this period. On the other hand, there are those that thrived on the premise of having a friend who could still afford liquor and so he became the main guy. In such a setting, he’ll be calling the shots and others follow as he expects.

I feel that we need to have meaningful relationships with those we welcome into our lives if at all we do. There is no way your conversation starter is presence of liquor. In this case without liquor then there is nothing you’ll have in common. That’s the basis of looking at our friendships. Beyond liquor what else do we do together as buddies. Liquor buddies most times won’t hold you accountable and at best they’ll guide you make the most stupid of decisions in the guise of deals or hope for a better future without making the critical futuristic decisions in the moment.

Finally, drink if you must in moderation. While you do, get to know your friends and liquor buddies. The latter won’t be of much help except for the brief good moments. Your friends will hold you together when shit goes South which definitely will at one point.

“Stay true to yourself. Forge meaningful relationships because the trickle down on the choices you make in life.”

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