Of Scammers and Scumbags

“Scammers exist and they come in all shapes and forms.”

We’ve all heard stories about scams, scammers and the conned at one point in our lives. It may be you, someone close to you or someone you know with no affiliations at all but either way the act still holds the same. This week as I was taking a routine trip through the streets of social media, specifically twitter, I was appraised on a collection of stories a group of young guys had decided to premier about Nairobi and it’s environs. Well it was a great point to recollect a memory of mine coupled with lessons learnt in the process which I’d be glad to pass on.

Nairobi is a city of many tales; the told and untold. Everyone decides what to do with theirs. For the lucky ones, like me we get to bounce back and get the oomph to tell a story because well, it is a story and stories are to be told. Whatever you do with it is all up to you. As I mentioned in an earlier article here, my maiden trip to the “Green City under the Sun” was when I was joining campus even though just in passing to my alma mater, JKUAT. There is this one day I had errands to run for my sister and as a focused person I ran around and got everything sorted by mid-day which meant I had an afternoon to myself. The devil is a liar my people. I had taken the turn to get a matatu back to the house when this guy came along. He bumped on me, got ahead and stalled then started a conversation. Through the conversation there was this money he had picked and thought I had seen him so he was willing to share the proceeds of a lucky coincidence. Luck is not luck unless confirmed. This guy got me engaged for a whole 360 degree tour of the city. In the end, I willingly donated my wallet, extra cash I had on my shirt pocket plus a DSTv Mobile Decoder. On the contrary even the proceeds had gone with him except for a pullout of a newspaper and Kshs. 50 perfectly enveloped.

There are moments your kidneys stop working mid-way and those are the days you realize you need to get woke. As usual as it was I called my family and instead of sharing in my pain, it was an expected welcoming gesture to the city. I recollected myself, got support from some amazing friends I had schooled with in High School and that was the end of a chapter. I couldn’t comprehend how gullible I had been. As they say, “I wish I knew” comes after the fact.

Some critical tips to take with you on scammers and scumbags:

  1. You’ll never win a lotter you never played and it’s as simple as that. There is no way you’ll win a competition you didn’t enroll in nor participate in.
  2. Nobody has free money to just dish out from nowhere. For the charitable people, I celebrate them but they also give to causes or people who seek them out. You won’t be online then someone just pops up with money to dish out to you.
  3. You really want to make it in life and it’s okay. Trust the process and work through the journey, ultimately your day will come. There are enough spectators and few participants, be one.
  4. Learn to say no. There is no way you will be minding your business doing your work then some stranger pops up from nowhere with plans to give you a deal that’ll change your life. However legitimate it might be, stay cautious and vigilant. It helps a lot.
  5. Oh! There’s no locality for scammers that you’d say they come from this country, city or region. They are everywhere and anywhere all at the same time.

I recently had this person reaching out to me with a business deal that was so lucrative and I almost got carried away but then I took a step back and thought it through. At that moment, I wasn’t looking for such a deal or any money other than my routine income. Why would someone be so keen and passionate on disrupting my financial plan? After all if the money is to come to me, it should be to my benefit and I don’t want to benefit from it. Why force me to take it? Why not just take it and use it for your own needs?

“The only genuine person you know is yourself and your mother. Oh! And probably me:-‘(. Other than that, stay WOKE.”

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