Make Memories and Make them Count

“Make memories for one day you’ll have to recount your moments.”

Life is fragile and frail. One day it won’t be anymore and all we’ll have will be the memories we made, lives we touched and the manifestation of our lives through our interactions in general. It’s been a great day working with a team of stakeholders in development of a strategic plan for TB advocacy in the country under Stop TB Partnership, Kenya. Our lives to a greater extent are filled with the serious things but even in these we create the light moments, cheerful memories and most of all get to pick a thing or two. This is the best part of my experience working with this team.

Well, on making memories we don’t generally go in to make them but to have the best of moments that we most likely get to recollect on later in retrospect. Imagine taking everything as a life and death situation to realize you didn’t live along the journey just to end up bored and frustrated? That would be hurtful right? Don’t take that risk. Oh! And on the same note, one of the key advantages of making the best of your moments is on how you touch the lives of others. By touching other peoples lives you give them a chance to hit the refresh button, get better and have a different perspective if at all they had a marred perception. That’s a positive contribution to humanity if you didn’t already notice that. Recollecting from colleagues recount on their previous experiences how an act of kindness opened a door they didn’t know existed. On the other hand, there are those who’ve been treated meanly but that didn’t stop them to keep on. How does it fall back on you knowing you were the drawback one wished never existed when you would have been a catalyst to their growth? Choose wisely.

On making moments, there is one key lesson I picked from a senior colleague. I might not be absolutely certain of it’s validity but I’m convinced it’s something we all wish for. To attain some level of congruency in our lives. Being in tune with our environment, work and our lives in totality. Failure to which we may never have the peace we so much wish for. When we attain congruency, our soul has found it’s docking place for which some will say you’ll have found your purpose in life. For some it comes with their first job, others in subsequent jobs while some may never get to it. Along the journey, you’ve got to make the best of what comes your way, build on what you’ve got and keep looking for one day you’ll realize it. Don’t settle.

“As we live, we keep experiencing things. With experiences, we create memories. With memories come lessons and insights. Nurture and nourish them for they count.”

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