Dear Employer

“Being an employer is a gift to your employees. Exploit it’s privileges and responsibilities to the fullest.”

Employment is a contract between an employer and an employee to be responsibility for each other. It’s about fulfilling the needs of each other and doing so the best way possible while nurturing the relationship altogether. Unfortunately, most often people don’t nurture the relationships and this is worrying for I believe it’s not possible to have a meaningful relationship without breaking the tension. I’m fortunate to work with employers who are committed to my growth as much as I try to deliver value to them in the work I do. Most importantly, I’m keen on fostering a meaningful and beneficial relationship altogether for the both of us.

I recently did an interview with a great company, one I am glad to know and have had a stint of engagement with. It’s not everyday you do interviews and at the same time it’s not a guarantee that you get the job but the experience you leave the interview room with either makes you love the company or hate it. Mine was the former and that’s why I am delighted to pen this piece. Interviews are opportunities for us to reflect on our skills, align them with the job expectations and gain clarity on what possibilities lie ahead of us. It may be in the same company or another but you’ll have had a moment to refocus your professional and personal story the best way that suits your career aspirations. I don’t think this is a light matter at all. With this said, I realized that there are things interviewers need to know and I’ll get to them.

Dear Employer,

  • When we come to interview with you there is a pull, help us crystalize it by shaping the conversation around your company and the job description. Unless you provoke us to think about it critically and put it to words, we may never know.
  • Please let us see and understand the our potential working with you in the long term. Nobody wants to be static in a particular position so let us see the chance. This doesn’t have to be aligned to the individual aspirations but even in your company vision that may make one want to create the envision future with you. Make it worthwhile to bank on you other than just being a paycheck.
  • We don’t have to get the job. You can reject us or we can decline your offer but in either case, we can be friends and have a great relationship without necessarily working together.
  • We are your best marketing bet to the outside world, take advantage of it to pitch your company because unless we get to know what you do from you, we may never get to know it well enough. This is not only in making interviewees know what you do by explaining it but also demonstrating your work in behavior, examples and warmth. If one leaves your office feeling subjugated, it may be the worst marketing decision you ever make. If one leaves happy and excited about what you do, they have a chance to talk well about you and it’s a win. Make it count always.
  • I know you may never see our value unless we get to be employed but just have in mind that we bring you uncensored market intelligence on who your brand to the outside world and have a chance at shaping it with you. Ask brilliant questions that let you in on who you are in the public and how we can help shape that narrative for the better.
  • You may assume we are at your mercy but in reality, we both need each other. Without either of us, we may not get to accomplish our missions. Let’s enjoy the journey together.

I’m glad there are amazing companies out there with fantastic people doing amazing work and keen on taking bets on others. I’m honored to have interacted with such people in this lifetime.

“Interviews are opportunities for us to reflect on our skills, align them with the job expectations and gain clarity on what possibilities lie ahead of us.”

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