Don’t let your pain, hurt and disappointments define you

“Pain is a part of living, embrace it. Let the disappointments, hurt and pain shape the person you become regardless of rather than because of them.”

Life is a journey and there are no two lives that are exactly the same. It’s said that even if two people went through an identical process, their experiences can never be the same. If it so happens, then one of them isn’t honest. The question is then on how to ensure we get to experience everything in life as it comes. I think the answer is to stay open to it, make peace with the probability of being disappointed but hope not to be. Acknowledge that the world is not kind but strive to be kind. It’s easier that way. This is a matter that has been bugging me for the past couple of days and that’s why I felt it necessary to write about it.

About a month ago, I had an experience of being advised against doing certain things regardless of the overall overview of it being the right thing to do. Through further probing, the justification was that the individual is an ungrateful person and whatever it is you do, it will never be good enough to them. This kept me thinking it over day after day and reimagining how I would have gone about it. Luckily, I recently had an almost identical case except for this case the individual on the receiving end had a tendency to reciprocate in one way or the other. Even if not in a big way, they acknowledge and appreciate the kindness. This is an ideal and all that we would wish for. I personally wish everyone was like this but I acknowledge and appreciate our diversity including the inability to have people who have the same mannerisms. That’s the key.

Looking at the two different scenarios, I presumed that in a way I had found the basis of all this and probably I could get to hack the dilemma I was facing. I think most of the advises that we receive from others are based on their experiences and by having us play by those rules and stay closed, they deny us a chance to live and experience life on our own account. If you believe people are mean and therefore you keep to yourself you might never see the good in them. This is a lost opportunity to manifest your kindness and share your experiences with the world. Additionally, once you get acquainted to the world you’ll be better poised to make informed, realistic and sound decisions which may never happen without that hindsight. If you just go by what you are told, you’ll never lead your life on your terms which I believe we all deserve.

In one way or the other we’ll get hurt or disappointed in certain cases by the very people we least expected to hurt us. When it happens, let’s acknowledge that there are so many people in the world and they are the minority. There are others who will do better and be the version you wish for. However, if you don’t get to go further and learn on these you’ll deny others a chance to manifest their greatness. Let go and let live because we can. When I came to this conclusion I presumed I had found what I was looking for but then I have further reading and thinking to do.

“Experience life, live gracefully and let the worries of the world be of the world.”

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