There’s Always a Woman

“There’s always one woman to save you from another and as that woman saves you, she makes ready to destroy.” – Charles Bukowski, Love is a Dog from Hell

There’s always a woman. That’s the basis of life. How fascinating can it be? Well, I’ve been brooding over this subject for a while but then I didn’t have the best context for it until now that I’ve been finishing on a series that I’ve been taking up for leisure in a big way, Power. In retrospect, I acknowledge that art is a reflection of what we experience in our very societies and for that matter it’s a clear depiction maybe not as accurate but borrows greatly either on what we experience or what we wish for.

Over time, I’ve been accustomed to two different narratives: One being of men looking at the progress they’ve made in their lives. At some point you’ll hear a man lamenting that their lives are stuck for the fact that maybe they haven’t found the one to settle down with or delighting at the fact that one has a stability by the virtue of being married and having a family of their own. I am not sure how this comes to be but in general, it so happens that having a lady in ones life gives meaning to a mans life. There’s a sense of stability that it brings. I remember last weekend I happened to go home with a group of friends and during some conversation, we got our prime advise to get a woman one who is keen on settling down to marry and raise children. Key being that regardless of how much we achieve in this lifetime, without family there’s nothing. I’m still thinking this through and hoping I get a clear perspective on its validity. In case you have an idea of how to, please let me know on the comments section.

Second case is on the fact that often times there happens to be some form of jealousy and bad blood between ladies and their mother in laws. The genesis of which I don’t understand and unfortunately it’s one thing that keeps being propagated generation after another. Why would jealousy be a driving force behind a strained relationship where there need not be any? Men have to make a choice or play tactically in managing both relationships of which as always either party will always feel shortchanged but life moves on.

Finally, in strained relationships regardless of the nature most often a woman will be blamed. If a man falls short on some of his expectations in a family setting, suspicion of another woman being in the picture comes in whether true or false. On the same note, when a man gets married and gives more time to the wife leaving his buddies behind on occasion, the wife becomes the cause of the strain.

Generally, there is always a woman at any one point. From the point we were born, there was one and until we die they will always be. It’s always the circumstances that change and the relations in place. If a man stays up past his bed time rest assured there is a woman. (It’s not yet my bed time:-‘() For the cases highlighted, we’ve got to understand that they are either complicit or not. Best thing is to acknowledge their omnipresence and appreciate that as we live our lives.

Oh! And just an advise to the men, strive to ensure the ladies in your life don’t have so much confidence in any man that offers services to you at home. Chances are you’ll pay for unnecessary services or you’ll pay through the nose.

“There’s always a woman involved.”

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