Don’t Stress

“You’ll never create the perfect conditions around your entire being. Make peace with that and let go of stress.”

Stress is part of life they say. I do acknowledge that we do get stressed or worried when things are not working out the way we expected them to go. It’s a common thing and often times when it does happen, it’s either because we didn’t do what we were supposed to do or we just didn’t have control. Either way there is nothing you can do at that very moment, so you accept the outcome and move on. It might seem simple but it ain’t and that’s why it needs you to develop some level of resilience and control mechanism.

Over time, I have been monitoring my experiences and looking at things that did get a way to stress me to an almost breaking point. In this process I realized there were some key things that almost always played into the equation: my expectation of others to think and act the way I did. Something I later realized may never be possible. Expecting more that is possible not only sets me up for disappointment but also puts me in a situation that I’ll get frustrated with the individual yet it isn’t their fault. In this case I have been learning to work on my expectation levels especially in matters that draw on an individuals quality standards, values and belief system. Not having an expectation not only relieves me of the stress but puts me on a pedestal to start getting ready to handle the potential shortcomings. Why is this a good thing yet I will still do the work? I believe it is good in the sense that I already put much effort on being ready for any eventuality thus I’ll always be prepared as compared to being stressed over something I have no control nor means to address.

Another key thing that used to play out in my stress patterns were fear of the unknown and looking far into a future I know nothing about. On this account, I introspected and realized that however much I push myself to see the future, I will never be possible. All I have is now and a past that I’ve lived. Taking these to account, I have the power to connect the dots backwards, optimize my current conditions and deliver at my best. With this done, I am free to live onto the next day knowing I have zero regrets on how I’ve spent my time. If tomorrow comes and I’m lucky to be in it, I’ll connect the dots and build forward knowing every day is a chance to add a piece, connect the dots and keep on with the journey. The chameleon with the shaky strides never stalls. Why would you out of worry and stress on things beyond you?

“Today is a lucky day because it has you. Make tomorrow envious enough to want you at your best. Keep counting.”

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