A World of Possibilities

“We live in a world of possibilities. Ours is to tap into them.”

Often times we are accustomed to the challenges that come in our way in the journey of life. When these become the main feature in our existence we face a crisis and our minds get to a block. There is much more room to see the possibilities and potential that lies in us to tap into them and often than not we tend to play victim of our circumstances. Fortunately, today as I reflected on the activities of the day and a couple of encounters I have had in the past, I realized that there isn’t much of a hindrance but a pool of unexplored opportunities.

I’m part of an ongoing YouTH Voices Summit we are hosting in partnership with a couple of other organizations in efforts to mainstream and amplify youth voices for health in a transformative agenda. In line with this, I had the honor of making the opening remarks and moderating the session which took me down the memory lane to July 2017, a time when I had been entrusted with the responsibility of organizing the Annual Scientific Conference for the Pharmacy Students’ Association of Kenya (KEPhSA) during which I had to seek out probable partners for the same. Unfortunately, at that time I wasn’t able to bag the much needed support. I was redirected and didn’t quit but instead of letting go, I forged a friendship instead. Today as I introduced the Guest Speaker, Newton Siele I got to remember our first encounter and the value of our friendship in my life. It’s out of the positivity that I saw an opportunity to collaborate beyond the immediate event that we had.

During the summit, one of our speakers working with Kenya Fight The Fakes went to great length outlining the work they do in campaigning against counterfeit, falsified and substandard medicines and healthcare products. In line with this the team had deliberations on the general participants Whatsapp group and through brainstorming, it emerged that young communication and media professionals could partner with them and develop a feature or documentary covering the same to upscale the work and promote medical vigilance in the country. These are some of the opportunities and possibilities that we may never have thought of at the start of the day but were made possible by the fact that we were together deliberating and leveraging on other people’s strengths. In life there are multiple possibilities and avenues to get what we want or need but unless we interact with others we’ll never know. In the process of engaging and working with others we need to stay open minded, forward looking and tap into these possibilities for our growth and development.

“You’ll never have all the answers and solutions you hope for but you’ll have access to people who can make it happen.”

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