Don’t Stop: Inspired by Phil Knight the Shoe Dog

At the start of this blog, I had been introduced to a book club by my mentor and friend, Newton Siele. On joining, the first book that was being read was on “How to Find Your Why” by Simon Sinek which I did a review for here and here. This guided me on why I intended to blog, and that’s where the title: “Learning and Growing Together” came from. I believe we all have something to teach one another. If we are kind enough to teach and humble enough to learn then we’ll be nurturing socially conscious and responsible individuals. That’s my mission with this and I hope to get more people on this bandwagon.

So at the start of this blog, I promised myself to get to 100 posts within the year. I am three (3) article shy of that target so I decided to do something special about the last few posts before I get to the end of the year. This is how it will go and pay attention because then you’ll have a reason to go back through the archives, read through the blogs and stay tuned for the next year which will also have a prelude as we close the year.

  1. I’ll write two (2) blog posts about issues or subject matters that I am passionate about and feel we need to commit to as a society.
  2. I’ll do a final post on plans for the year ahead (2021) which will outline key projects that I have in store for you, for myself and for our society at large. I hope you’ll be as delighted as I am to venture into this next phase with you.

Doing this post, I’ve been taken back to the genesis of this blog and I can’t stop being amazed at the fact that a simple idea became something and is still moving forward with even more clarity on why it’s important to me. It relates with one thing I’ve just picked from a book I’m reading, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, Co-founder of Nike; “When you run down around an oval track, or down an empty road, you have no real destination. At least, none that can fully justify the effort. The act itself becomes the destination… You run and run, mile after mile, and you never quite know why. You tell yourself that you’re running toward some goal, chasing some rush, but really you run because the alternative, stopping, scares you to death.” In summary, don’t stop. “Don’t even think about stopping until you get there, and don’t give much thought to where “there” is. Whatever comes, just don’t stop.”

I don’t intend to stop. Not because I know what lies ahead but because accepting and tolerating mediocrity when I feel and know I can do better scares me more than anything. I’ll keep on and I hope you will too.

See you on the next post!

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