Inner Peace – Inspired by David Sedaris

“Stay away from the negative energy.”

It’s been a weekend and as always these account for what I’ve come to celebrate in my being: downtime. During my downtime I read, watch anything and everything that is in tune with my being at that moment or I’d just be chilled with my nothing box wide open staring into the ceiling. It’s become therapeutic in some way and at the same time it aids me in getting in sync with my being.

Yesterday I took a chance on a masterclass by David Sedaris on Creative Writing. Other than learn about writing solely, I got to draw not only on the writing skills and tips he shared but went further into the general life lessons for which I’m writing this piece: Inner Peace. In one of his articles he explains that he had a moment where he had a door be shut on his sister Tiffany’s face after his book reading session. This came after over four (4) years of not being in talking terms with her. He didn’t have to share the uncharacteristic tale of his action in this article but considered that if he didn’t then he would be lying to his readers. He goes ahead to explain that at the moment, engaging the sister would have drained him and he didn’t feel to be at the best place to deal with her and so he had his security team lock her out. Personally, I felt sorry for the sister hearing the account but at the same time I realize that there’s just so much you can bare and when it comes to you there is never any notice or prequalification to assess whether you are in the best state to deal with it. In such circumstances, it’s just fair that you take the time to preserve your peace. That’s all he did at that point.

Tiffany later died by suicide before they could get to talk. I wish they did or rather there was room to mend relations. I acknowledge we all deal with uncharacteristic circumstances and situations in life and anything we do may not be the best from the lenses of everyone around us but by ourselves we need to be able to weigh in our options, decide on the best course of action. Most importantly to preserve our peace and act accordingly.

It’s never easy. It’s unlikely to ever be easy but it’s possible in the end. Take a chance on it.

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