The Art of Staying in Tune

“Success is an outcome of commitment observed in habits. To stay committed you have to be in tune with what you do, why you do it and experience everything around you like an orchestra feeding into your rhythm.”

It’s the third week of the year 2021. There’s already progress made but yet there’s still more to be done. As I alluded to in my last post on this blog, I have been watching a masterclass by David Sedaris this weekend and as a writer one of the common questions he keeps being asked is how does he keep up with it. I’m sure this is something we all wish we had a hack to. How does someone stay consistent and committed to what they do regardless of the noisy world we all live in with so many other things competing for our attention. I’ve equally been plagued with this and asked a couple of people the same question in my personal development journey. Everybody will tell you to just commit to it. I don’t know how you can tell if you are committed.

In the masterclass, he gave one piece of advise that stands the test of time. It all lies in staying in tune with what you do. He narrates how every experience he has has something for him to write about. He is thus in tune with his environment as stimulus for the work he does feeding into his appetite for new content from each of his experiences. By so doing, he has a story to write and as it is a given we all have experiences under the sun provided we are breathing. Even when at your worst in a hospital struggling to get air, that’s an experience. Imagine that could contribute to your experience and inform what you do in whichever space that is provided you are in tune with it. It’s one thing I can attribute to my ability to maintain this blog to surpass the 100 posts mark that I had set for myself last year when I started. I believe that I have to learn from every experience I encounter in life. It might be a repeat of the same lesson I had yesterday but in so doing I get a new experience and perspective to it. In so doing I have a new configuration in my neural sensations thus a lesson captured. Being I committed to sharing lessons from my experiences, these then form part of my blog posts and thus they feed into my collection of articles furthering my mission with “Learning and Growing Together.

There is a need to stay in tune with what you do and this is something I even get to mention to my team at Ryculture. We don’t have all the answers within the team but all of them exist in the communities we live in. All we need is to be in tune to a point that when anything and everything happens around us we view it from the lens of our work, our mission and the strategies involved in making that come true. Once we can do this, then we are on another level in plotting our growth trajectory. Failure to stay in tune I believe is the reason most of us go to work from Monday to Friday with limited capacity to inject new ideas, strategies and techniques to our routine processes. We do it as a necessity for survival rather than a course we believe in and aspire to advance for the greater good.

My encouragement for you in this new week is to reconfigure your mindset, view your resolutions & work as a mission you are devoted to and tap into each and every experience, encounter and piece of information that comes your way as potential puzzle piece to help you realize your aspirations. If you can do this, you’ll be rooted & committed to the course. With this level of commitment you’ll see results which when compounded contribute to you ultimate success.

Have a great week ahead:-)

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