When one door closes, Knock on the Next

“Opportunities are limitless what’s limited is our ability to take chances enough times until we bag ours.”

It’s commonplace to hear people talk about how tough situations are and how unlikely it is that things will open up for them. Maybe it’s all about our outlook at life or rather the limited spectrum within which we gauge our circumstances. If only we can broaden our scope of view in line with our aspirations, the chances of findings ways around them are inevitable. That’s the power of taking chances and I witnessed it first hand today.

With daybreak, we most often set off to our different errands often with the hope of making a living through it and if possible become successful. Today after a couple of offsite meetings, I had to get back to the office. In this matatu as always if you reside in Nairobi, we are accustomed to hawkers dropping in to make their catch as we get through traffic. So this hawker came in and walked through the bus from front to the back and not even a single person made a purchase. If he was to give up he could have but instead he pivoted and found a way to target a different customer instead. With passengers not buying his sweets, he convinced the conductor to make a purchase for all passengers as a marketing strategy and he made it his business to pitch the SACCO to all passengers when handing out the sweets. In the end however bad the day could have turned out, at least his ingenuity earned him his first coins for the day. Something he couldn’t have achieved if he stopped at the first attempt when the initial strategy failed.

I got delighted by his ability to pivot on his feet, change tact, execute and deliver on his promise in front of the client as promised. Such are the skills we need. When things don’t work out as expected or planned, don’t host a pity-party my friend, there’s more to do. Knock on the next door, it might be set for you but unless you knock it’ll never be opened for you.

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