Who do you do life with?

“Who you do life with is more important compared to how you do life. Make great choices.”

Who do you do life with? This is a question I got asked this evening and from day-to-day conversations. I could not wrap my head around the whole scenario of doing life, so I probed further to understand the context. First, the meaning of life is rather subjective and keeps changing from person to person while at the same time it is as relative as time and wealth. One person is late the very moment another considers themselves early and one person being broke is synonymous to another being wealthy with the same amount of property. That is how life is, but we live it the best way we can everyday and that is what counts.

For starters, I did not have an outright answer because I tend to not know what features would be ideal for such a person. So in breaking it down, I got appraised that the person you do life with counts as he or she that knows what you do, argues it through with you and at the end of the day can give an account of what you do, what kind of a person you are etc. That is as far as I was lost. First, because I feel like I am doing life with you all here reading this blog, so if I was to pick on someone then I would be betraying you all, and hopefully not cheating because I do not intend to get to that point.

On my way home this evening, I kept thinking it through and luckily, I met a friend I have had for the past couple of years. In our conversation, he mentioned that he was setting up a business with another friend. This was an interesting outlook of things, because I was keen on why he picked this person to be a partner. They needed to work as a team of committed members, with either of them being in a position take charge of the operations at any one time. At the same time, of essence is getting someone who can bring alternative approaches and perspectives which is critical. I wish him well and once they are set, I shall dedicate a post to that. Stay tuned for when that comes up. Rumor has it that they will be set by the start of next month i.e. February 2021.

I do life with several people on different accounts and at different levels. My loving family comes first for in everything they always have my back. Not that we move along well all the time, but even with the hard truths we still weather storms with love. That counts. At work, I have great bosses and colleagues with whom I work with and make my work experience amazing. I consider myself to do life with them. Other than these, I have people I relate with at a personal level but in its entirety, I just realized that of importance is someone who can call my bluff. We can not do life following each other like sheep with nobody opposing or questioning the other. That is preposterous. It is why when I sourced for a feature image and found John Wooden’s quote, it summed it all up for me. We have got to have stimulating conversations where I get to stretch my mind otherwise it is a lie. Let us get to do life now.

Wait! Now that I have mentioned what counts for those I do life with, let us get this story balanced. Take a moment to think through on the kind of people you do life with and at best let us keep the comments coming.

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