The Silence.

“In silence all the narratives connected to create a symphony. The past blended into the future through the present without communicating it’s intention.”

“Looking at her smile, I was lost for words. When I opened my mouth all I could feel was a breeze over my tongue so I had to close up. To avoid the weird feeling, I had to look away. I kept stealing glances but not actually seeing anything. I’d rather stay in the illusion that she felt what I did but then I didn’t have the words to communicate them nor to ask what she thought or felt. It felt like an eternity yet it was barely ten minutes. Being in tune and out of tune in an orchestra is an understatement. SILENCE.

“Trekking back memory lane. I saw my rage, anger and disappointment in the very things I was seeing unfold. Ancestral curse or maybe the wrong card was played out in the genetic lottery. To be continued…”

Listening to The Silence by Manchester Orchestra, I first got consumed into the song before I could get to detach and listen in. In retrospect, we all go through such phases in life where we wonder why it so happens that nothing changes. Life seems to play out in circles, where yesterday flows into today and you see ahead into tomorrow but in its entirety nothing is conspicuous. It is a part of being and we do all we have to do to get past that point in life. Unfortunately, for some it never seems to play out as hoped for, so we stay still and wish. For that matter; stay still, listen to the silence and just be present the best way you can for it might never be the same or different unless you make it.

Ps. Looking back into the things you passionately disliked, the ones you valued both blending into what doesn’t hold true anymore and it’s like a patch on a foreign wall.

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