Sit Still and Calm the Voices

“In the chaos of everyday we need a moment to sit still and calm the voices. It’s only then that we come to terms with why we do what we do. The voice of reason.”

After an entire week of running errands, weekends serve as a moment to decompress and get the life back into us. These have always counted as critical moments for me to reconnect with myself and the people I care about. I cherish them. Unfortunately, some days there are those uncharacteristic occurrences that you strive to run away from but they never really stay away. Probably there’s some negative energy that comes with the thought of them. Trying to make amends and come to terms may also never come to be and this is the dilemma. It’s been four (4) weeks of reflection, introspection and trying to put a name to it: Silence is what it is then today the bubble did burst.

Why does it hurt more to love the people we do and to imagine the best and experience the worst when things don’t work out as we thought? Why is the truth & disappointment worse than the illusion and spectacle of perfection we were so used to? Why is it tough to come to terms with the fact that we can still be in love with the imperfections and not try so hard to erase the blemishes? I think this is what Manchester Orchestra meant when he wrote the song, The Silence. Listening to Robin Sharma’s masterclass today there’s one quote I picked that sums it all up for me. “Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.” Shouldn’t we then know them? So many questions, very few answers but all in all we’ve got to do what’s best for all.

We were raised as a generation that adopts rationality and tries to be logical in almost all that we do. Unfortunately, life isn’t rational and some things just happen because they do without any particular reason or justification for the way they do. In certain cases they put our relations with the people we love and care about at stake for which we then have a choice to make. Stay reasonable and stand for what’s right or take care of the relationship? What’s a fair compromise and what’s the opportunity cost in either of the two? It’s a tricky choice and especially when speaking your mind puts you in a fix to mend the relationship. Worst case the other party prefers solving problems through silence rather than talking about them and working around them. I’ve gone through this for a while and I think I need help going about it. I treasure the relationship and I’d want to do everything possible to keep it alive and growing but I’m at a precarious situation. Insights and contributions will be highly appreciated:)

In silence I’ve heard my voice, in staying calm I’ve tried to calm the voices even though I’m lost touch on which voices I’ve been silencing. Yuval Noah talks about liberalism proposing that we silence the voices and listen to our inner self and what we really want. Unfortunately, all the silenced voices tell me what I really believe and want to pursue while on the other hand they contradict the very basic tenets of what I should stand by and for to secure my relationships. It’s getting noisier and messier. I hope there aren’t any casualties.

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