Tensed? Laugh It Off

“Nobody wants to be stupid unless stupidity pays their bills. Some days be stupid, be crazy and make it rock.”

First things first, I am a trainer and a facilitator so ice breakers, crazy fun ideas are also part of the things I do to deliver on my agenda. It’s been four years now since I got certified as a trainer and I’ve delivered so many trainings I’ve actually lost count. In most if not all I had utmost fun because what’s the good in doing working in a boring environment? You know better so we’ll move on. I brought this up because as part of training program, as a facilitator you need to be in a position to gauge the mood of your audience, engage them and if possible get them excited. Learning is easier with a happy audience and lively audience. In case they forget the concept they’ll revile the fun they had which is a win on your part as a trainer. That’s the beauty of it. I’ve tried working on this skill over the past couple of years and made it a habit. Unfortunately, some days are not just the days you’d get all your humor & fun activities aligned which we accept. Additionally, there are moments that the mood is tensed and bringing any silly jokes aren’t just ideal. This is especially in our work environments, our families and even with friends. You know, being with people you care about but can’t be happy with or around at times isn’t such a strange thing. It happens and this is where I feel we ll can apply one of the crazy ice breakers I just discovered today.

It’s not the best of feelings if at all anyone enjoys being angry at the people they care about. So when it happens, we have a tendency to think and overthink wondering how we can make amends which would be great. Unfortunately, even then nobody wants to take the blame and apologize. Such circumstances if not addressed can fester and get substantial and problematic so often it’s ideal that one party becomes the big person. Being a big person doesn’t mean boxing the other to submission. No. It’s about being level headed but because you don’t feel like taking any blame or apportioning any you’d rather reminisce on the crazy times you’ve had. These are fun and exciting to remember and so when you do and highlight the fact that you’ve had such a great streak of merry-making you’ll realize the anger isn’t worth it. The good with this is that you laugh, feel stupid together and then you put aside the anger against each other. With the subjective bit of the issue aside, you have a better chance of being objective and addressing the challenge with utmost ease & efficiency. That’s the power of a hearty laugh.

You’ll never solve a problem when you are mad at the person and not the matter at hand. Separating the person from the issue makes it easy, saves the relationship and most importantly sets stage for the next phase of your journey together. Laugh like crazy, move on for it’s all you’ve got to do.

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