Odili The Diligent

Weekends are times to unwind, think and most importantly read. As per the title I’ve been reading “A Man of the People” by Chinua Achebe where I’m having a great time with Odili the diligent and for that matter I decided to do a piece related to his character. This is not only based on the book for which I’ll definitely do a review in the coming days but also capture a chat I had with a friend this evening.

We all have aspirations to be successful and for each avenue we consider exploring there are those who’ve made it through and those who’ve taken the same paths and failed. The question that stays put is on how we as individuals can make it to choose the right path for ourselves, commit to do the work, perform exemplarily and reap the benefits. I’ve been a proponent of entrepreneurship but I also acknowledge that not everyone is wired to be an entrepreneur. For those not inclined to be entrepreneurs, they may rely on employment for which they still need some level of due diligence to understand which field to focus on, how to scale the ladders and the level of commitment needed to do so.

Often times we are presented with ideas and options on how lucrative some opportunities may be in pursuit of success. While this happens, some of us face the risk of diving in too deep especially when they’ve been facing precarious situations. When you’ve tarmacked for so long, you are likely to take as much risk hoping it’ll get you off the shore. The same happens when you’ve been on a job you don’t like as much but are bound to it so you explore options that may take you off it. There are floating pieces of advise on holding on your job while trying to venture out into your own practice which is justified. However, when it comes to taking the leap, I believe it’s important to do your due diligence. For this case, I suggest knowing the details of the particular field you intend to venture into, learn from those doing it as much as you can. Once you’ve done this bit, look at the demands on you and your time so that you don’t strain too much while at the same time don’t lose focus on the bigger picture for you might invest all your resources into the venture and end up counting loses which you would have prevented.

Each and every venture is a risk. In risk management, we’ve got options i.e. avoidance, prevention, transfer and risk sharing which both are applicable. These range from determining whether you’ll take the risk or not (avoidance) and the subsequent ones based on the fact that you are bound to take the risk. Ensure you do your due diligence to ensure you make a calculated move at any time. The answer may not lie at the bottom of a bottle of wine but you should at least check.

Assuming you intend to lease some piece of land to venture into farming while holding on your day job, what should you consider?: How much is the lease? How long can you have use for the land as per the provided for rates? What crops or animals would you want to farm in the piece? How suited are they in this particular environment? How long does a farming cycle take? How demanding is the venture on you in terms of time commitment? Do you need extra hand in managing the farm and if so how easy is it to find a responsible and committed person for it? Finally, it’s important to consider your financials and whether you can pull it off. If your answer is yes, then you are set for a great ride though not a guarantee that it’ll be a success though you’ve got a higher chance than he/she that didn’t do all these. In this coming week, have your antennae high to always exercise diligence. It’s an investment not a liability.

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