Staying Positive: Thriving in the not so encouraging spaces

“Global outlook too grim, negativity at peak there’s little chance to at positivity yet that’s all we need.”

We are living under challenging times with so much negativity, apprehension, distrust and failing systems. While this is what we’ve been accustomed to from media feeds, small talk and all other indicators in our day to day lives, there’s something more to who we are. I recently had a moment to reflect on a couple of conversations with individuals in my circle and all I could see is hope. Not having a job is terrifying and disheartening but when you talk to someone jobless, they have hope in getting a job. Not knowing where you’ll get your next meal is dehumanizing but while this is the case, when you have a chat with someone who’ve spent hungry you’ll see the hope in their eyes when they step out hoping to get something for the day. When governments fail, citizens are frustrated, angered and betrayed but at the end of it all there’s hope that in the next cycle there will be a better government. That’s the power of hope.

I’m certain you’ve at one point been asked or talked into staying positive in life. It’s a good place to start while at the same time I acknowledge that it can be difficult to stay positive. It’s not easy to stay positive but it’s worthwhile. I a way there’s some positivity in us, the hope that keeps us waking up everyday to face the day and commit to push through. The hope that gets us to send multiple job applications even after successive fails and the hope that gets us working extra hard with the hope of growing in our professions to be able to realize our aspirations. That’s the power of positivity.

I recently had a chat with my mentor consulting with him over a job change I was due to make. At this point I needed to update him on the position as well as to get guidance from him on how to make the best of this opportunity. Staying positive is all the key piece of advise he had for me on this occasion. From his perspective, there’s so much negativity that we at times fail to do our best and envision the brighter future we aspire. To be able to make meaningful contribution as well as to excel at what we do, there’s need to be enthusiastic enough, hopeful and eager to meet the next challenge which will definitely come to be through hard work, patience and due diligence. As we get on with our day to day errands, may we stay positive and keep working on what we hope for in the next chapter of our lives. It may take time but when it happens, we’ll for sure be ready to handle the challenges that come with it. Stay positive in a not so positive world even when it’s difficult to do so.

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