Patience is the Game

“Life is a journey and to make the best of it we have to live through the phases. With aspirations, the sure way to get there is to work diligently, stay focused and be patient. Patience is the game.”

Last week I was taken back to a chat and an article I wrote last year about starting small, thinking big and enjoying the journey. Being young we have the advantage of time and with time comes an opportunity to make mistakes, learn and most importantly the opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge from tenured professionals. It’s not everyday that we’ll be privileged to get such insights and so when we do there’s need to take a moment to pause, reflect and let it sink before we can move on.

The world works in mysterious ways. When you need some piece of guidance to be able to make the right decisions, it so happens that from every stream it’ll be the same advise being meted to you. On the same subject of patience, I happened to be in the house last evening when NTV airs the Property Show where one of the guests for the session, a tenured architect and developer was giving insights on his work as a celebrated expert in the field. In his closing remarks and greatest advise to young architects, he couldn’t wish them anything other than to be patient and go through the process. On the same note, as I was closing off on my Easter Holiday babysitting duty today, I had a chat with my sister and the story that came along was of patience. The need to follow the due process and let growth happen sequentially rather than the big leap. It may be good in the moment but catastrophic in future. Alternatively, it may fail to happen and that’ll be the start of your downward spiral. Staying contented with what we have, where we are and aspiring to be better versions of ourselves over a period of time. Putting in the work and being patient enough for the fruits of our labor to mature.

As we come to the end of the Easter Holiday, it’s of importance to reflect on the season i.e. death and resurrection of Christ. Knowing that in Jesus’s coming the ultimate way for him to redeem humanity was by dying for their sins, God didn’t expedite the process by having him killed through the feasible instances he could have been killed starting from King Herod’s decree to kill all the young children during the period of his birth. However, this wasn’t the case. It wasn’t because it couldn’t happen but because there was a process. There were experiences Jesus had to go through, other tasks he had to perform before the ultimate price could be paid. When the time came he was crucified, died was buried and arose on the third day. Everything happens at its right time. Do you best and let time play out.

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