It Takes Two to Tango

“There’s just so much you can do by yourself. But… it takes two to tango!”


Al Hoffman and Dick Manning they were. The originators of the phrase, it takes two to tango in 1952 but I think that’s already too much history to know. The genesis was the fact that there’s just a lot of things we can do alone except for it takes two to tango and I subscribe to that doctrine.


I am not going to talk about any love here today even though the basis for which I am writing this is influenced by love. In case you hope to hear more above the love story, you’ll have to wait a little longer and hope she lets me tell you about it. Before then I’ll be humble and modest as always. Thank you for accepting the apology.


So today I had a call with one my best people on this planet. The conversation was engaging, I lost track of time but in hindsight I don’t regret even a nanosecond of the conversation. That’s as good as it was. So this amazing person have lived long enough in this country to a point she was convinced that for one to get things to work out for them there is always some need to grease hands in the process. I know we are in a corrupt system and we could go about naming names of the corrupt people until we can’t anymore. How sad? On this case, she tried facilitating a process against my counsel in the name of; this is Kenya. I don’t comprehend why we would normalize such a thing. Whatever she was working on got stuck in the pipeline to date as she was conflicted whether to grease hands or let the due process take its course. On the contrary, another person who was working on the same matter let it take it’s course and luckily got his affairs sorted in less than half the time it has taken the other party. In our conversation, it was a whole lot of blame game of being in a corrupt system with the burden being thrown on the party that was to receive the cut.


I don’t think this is a fair argument at all. For there to be corruption in the form of bribery, there has to be two parties involved i.e. the briber and the bribee. Putting the blame on one party serves your narrative to appear morally right and acquainted of any wrongdoing while you clearly know you played a part in ensuring the transaction went to completion. Unless you give, there won’t be anything to be taken and that cripples the system. It takes two to tango so better take responsibility for your fair share of contribution to the system.


I have been accustomed to complaints and rebukes over corruption in the nation which is alarming by all means. I detest the whole vice and wish it would be uprooted in all its forms from our midst. I commit to play my part and this is why this whole reflection made sense to me. If we all disengage, there won’t be any transfer and with no transfer there is a higher likelihood that the system collapses. It’s like a free market economy that respond to the laws of demand and supply. When these don’t balance there is market failure and that’s what we hope to achieve in the corruption market. Let cut the supply end as we fight to tame demand side.


“Corruption economy is a partisan market; the cost lies on two parties at any one time.”

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