What A Break?

“Breaks are therapeutic and as they refresh, they give us a chance to observe life from a different perspective, learn and reemerge with energy and conviction.”


First, my sincere apologies for being off for the past 12-days. That is a long time and if it’s reflected on the daily lessons I could have shared, it’s life-changing. I wish I could keep up but unfortunately, I couldn’t. I needed the break as much and on the same note had a couple of personal affairs to put in place. For the lessons, they’ll come streaming. Just be on the watch out to learn and grow with me on this journey.


This being the first piece, I won’t delve on the specifics of any topic except for the fact that we need breaks and as they happen we get to regain ourselves. We become closer to the people we are and understand our strengths, weaknesses and some bad habits we have adopted over the days. I’ve just realized I am not the best at taking breaks. My eyes keeps seeing things, my ears keep listening and my brain is ever thinking. The only thing I was able to do was avoid my routine work schedule and that granted me time off. Oh! And I had my family by my side to make stories, share meals and most importantly fill in on the gaps we’ve had in the midst of the hectic schedules. I’ve enjoyed it.


I got back to my place and it was like I was getting into a totally new residence. The house feeling new, unique and welcoming made me feel at ease and ready for the next cycle. The break helped me reprogram my brain from the customary residence I had gotten used to that I didn’t find the thrill in new days. Life was kind of just going by and coming back it’s a new dawn in the last sixth (1/6) of the year.


Finally, when you take a break and get back late in the evening, ensure you live close to people who can get you supplies or get something on your way back. I was lucky to pass by my sister’s place. Otherwise, it’d be a night of starving which if you can relate doesn’t work well when you’ve been used to having your meals prepared without having to think about it.


“Thank you for staying close, safe and keeping on for this next cycle. Let’s make it entertaining, enlightening and empowering.”

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