Execution Is King

\”Without execution, vision is just another word for hallucination.\” – Mark V. Hurd

When I started blogging as a venture to help me live my mission and leave a mark on the world in 2020, I wasn\’t certain I would sustain it but I got to it either way. I am grateful to my friends who were part of the push from our Ryculture Health and Social Innovation COVID-19 Research Taskforce. They nudge from the insights and discussion points set the stage for me to delve into sharing my perspectives in this front. It\’s been a worthwhile journey.

During that phase, I did two articles: Implement the Pitch & Implement the Pitch Part II. Reflecting on the case examples, I\’m glad to say that as African Pharmaceutical Network, we are currently able to leverage on our network of subject matter experts to deliver market-focused and contextualized training programs which will help in our mission. Additionally, we have officially started onboarding members of the platform to learn, work and shape the industry with us. If interested, you can check it out here.

In the journey of life, we all have aspirations and ambitions which we wish we could achieve. Often times we hope for and wait for the circumstances to be right or to change for us to execute. Unfortunately, with so many uncertainties there is almost always never a right time to take a risk of any kind. In this case then most ideas die in our minds never to take their first breath, \”still-births\” I\’d say. Quiet unfortunate if you ask me. Following my last two articles focused on organizational culture and foundation setting, I\’ve delved on the essentials of having leadership right and institutionalizing our missions to be able to deliver impactful solutions with sustainable & life-long organizations. This is a pursuit I am keen to sustain and see come to life in my various engagements. The question then is on how we transform the mission, vision & purpose into the magnificent solution we intend to \”wow\” the world with. This can\’t and won\’t happen unless we take action and execute on it. If you hope to secure a job in a particular field, you have to gain skills in that sector and seek opportunities in the field without which you\’ll for start not be a fit for the jobs and won\’t get a chance for the latter. You\’ll never be full unless you eat, so to eat you must.

This afternoon I had the opportunity to visit my sister where I played around with my nieces as always, a pastime activity I love & enjoy. During this period, we delved into our common professional discussions both from mainstream employment to side projects. In these discussions, we noted that there have always been projects we intended to kick-off but never took off. However, every other time when we meet the conversation is always about such could be gamechangers in the respective industries while transforming lives to those who really need them. At the same time, we noted that there are those projects we\’ve committed to and executed exemplarily well especially on the family front which has been commendable. The only hurdle we noted was that we\’ve been so in love with the idea that we don\’t want it to fail and so we\’ve never taken the first step. If only we could execute we would be living the reality of our possibilities or maybe would have learnt from them to shift gears to something even better or even just stopped wasting time, energy and resources on the idea. All these are wins in my perspective.

Of all the celebrated victories, achievements and innovations that have moved the human race forward, I have not seen any that involved inaction. How then do we expect to achieve our magnificent successes without doing anything? Execution is the only way to make our aspirations a reality.

As we celebrate Easter, may we take this opportunity to regenerate, recover and recommit to act on our dreams. This is the only way we will move closer to leading the lives we desire for ourselves and future generations.

\”The difference between ambition and wishful thinking is putting in the work on that dream.\”

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